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The official journal of Marxist-Leninist Reading Hub

Mount Tai Press launched on 01 May 2022, also known as May Day - International Labor Day. 


We regularly upload articles with the purpose of education and agitation of communists and other interested individuals. Our primary focus is on the continued development and application of scientific socialism to current conditions, with a specific importance placed on revolutionary professionalism, discipline, and principled pragmatism by way of dialectical and material analysis.


Everyone is welcome to contribute! If you would like to become a Mount Tai Press author, you can submit your writings here

Recent Articles

Educational: Imperialism

What exactly did Vladimir Lenin, and the great Communist thinkers who came after, mean when they talked about imperialism?

Fascism's History and Rise in California

From mass lynchings, KKK terrorism, police gangs, and a foundation built on settler colonial genocide, the realit of...

America's Top Criminals: Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is remembered as one of the most peaceful U.S. Presidents... but was he?

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