The Police and State

The police are here to protect us and make sure we live a safe life! Right?... The Police are considered to be part of the State, the mechanism that enforces the rule of one class over another. So who do the police actually protect? 

Narrated by: iDanSimpson

Who was Vladimir Lenin?

April 22 marks Vladimir Lenin's 153rd birthday!

Who was he?

Is Human Nature Greedy?

A common argument made against socialism and communism is that neither can succeed because humans are inherently greedy. Is this actually the case?

Who was Joseph Stalin?

March 5, 2023 marked 70 years since the death of Joseph Stalin.

Let's talk about his legacy.

Narrated by: iDanSimpson

What is Capitalism?

We hear about Capitalism almost all the time, whether the word is used directly or not. Capitalism is in all aspects of our life in one way or another, but most people can't give an accurate definition of it.

We give a brief answer to the question "What is Capitalism?"

Harry Haywood: a Brief History

Harry Haywood was born on February 4, 1898. He fought in WWI, joined the Communist Party USA, was one of the most fervent advocates for self-determination for Black liberation in the United States with the Black Belt thesis, lived in the USSR, and much more.