Ho Chi Minh Thought: Selected Writings

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PAGES: 249

AUTHOR: Ho Chi Minh, Le Duan, Vo Nguyen Giap

CONTENTS: Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions; List of Claims of the Annamese People; Some Thoughts About the Colonial Question; The Revolutionary Path; Program of the Communist Party of Việt Nam; Vietnamese Declaration of Independence; Wage Resistance War!; The Path Which Led Me to Leninism; Last Testament; Reassessment of the Leadership of the Vietnamese Proletariat; Revolution is the Work of the Masses; Leninism and Việt Nam’s Revolution; People’s War, People’s Army; Clarifying the Development of the Socialist-Oriented Market Economy; Criticizing Distorted Perceptions and Fallacious Arguments About Socialist-Oriented Market Economy in Việt Nam; A Number of Theoretical and Practical Issues on Socialism and the Path to Socialism in Việt Nam