Reading List

How Does it Work?

Our suggested reading list is broken down into stages. These stages are in an order meant to help you progress from accessible texts to more complex texts that build upon each other. Within each stage feel free to go out of order, but the order listed is the order suggested.

Between stages you will see books that do not go out of order and are purposefully placed between one stage to the next. These "transitional must read" are placed to either help solidify what has been talked about in the stage you just finished and/or to help prepare you for the next stage.

You will also see "Optional Texts". These texts are complementary for the stages they are placed in, but are not required to move on to the next stage.

In practice this would look a little like this:
Start Stage One: On Authority -> Principles of Communism -> Dialectical and Historical Materialism -> Transitional Must Read: Blackshirts and Reds -> Move on to Stage Two: The State and Revolution -> and so on...

Reading List

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